3 February 2020

On January 28, the American Minister of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, visited the experimental greenhouses of Wageningen University & Research in Bleiswijk, Holland. Together with the Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Carola Schouten, Perdue opened the brand new Kas2030 (‘Greenhouse2030’), where innovative technologies are being tested that allow horticulture to be completely circular, without emissions of pesticides, nutrients and greenhouse gases.

Perdue insisted on a visit to the Dutch greenhouse horticulture as part of his trip to Europe. “Lately, I see greenhouses being built everywhere in the United States, including a 27 hectare vegetable greenhouse literally around the corner from where I live. I heard that the technology all comes from the Netherlands, so I wanted to see with my own eyes where all this creativity comes from. And what I now see here is the paragon of circularity”, he was quoted as saying in the Dutch trade press.